A New Path To Follow (First Plot)

Time Duration: One Week, The week following the burning of the Greene’s Farm and before the finding of the Prison

It has been months since the outbreak.

Or at least that’s what they think.

The zombie apocalypse has come in waves, claiming many of who our survivors hold dear to them. After the destruction of the farm they are on the road looking for a new home, unaware that a large prison, easily defendable, lays only a few miles away past the woods where one of their own was claimed only a month ago. Her death and many others way heavily on their conscience.  And while some have used this to motivate themselves to make up for their past actions, taking on a role of leadership, some are still holding onto a hope that they can find a place to call home.

Daniel Kranzer’s group joined with Rick Grime’s group on the interstate and decided to stay, hoping they could aid in finding their lost little girl much to some member’s displeasure and have bonded with many of the survivors.

With only a few miles away the group will move along the interstate, looking for a new refuge in hope of a safe haven that will finally last.